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It may be that you want to re-establish contact & need someone's phone number.
It may be that you want to find a home addresses for the service of documents.
It may be that you need to find a subject's place of employment for Garnishee orders.

We can help you with that.

From our modest beginnings in 1996, GTS-Global has grown to handle thousands of trace files annually. GTS-Global is a true skip tracing company and practices a skip tracing first philosophy: we know the importance of accurate information and how time sensitive it can be

We offer NO TRACE - NO ADDITIONAL FEE services.

At GTS-Global, clients enjoy our superior service and professionalism. It is no accident that we have many recognized local and national clients. We have always striven to be the very best, to put honour and integrity into everything we do, to acheive above-average results for our clients. Our task doesn't end when the work is done, but rather when our client is completely satisfied.

GTS-Global tracers are extremely talented investigators and have a proven track record for finding people- even when they do not wish to be found. At GTS-Global, our tracers are exceptional at locating new contact numbers and current addresses (for service of documents or time-sensitive mail delivery). We also specialize in finding a subject's place of employment (with respect to garnishee orders) and in locating beneficiaries of estates and/or parties involved in class action lawsuits.

We appreciate that often there are times there is very little readily-available information. At GTS-Global, we have sources for back-tracing and we work diligently to uncover information which will lead us to the correct party. During our years of practice, and through the collective expertise of our agents, we have accumulated tremendous resources and contacts to assist us with this objective.

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E-mail us with any questions you may have concerning a trace request. We look forward to speaking with you in the very near future. All enquiries are kept in strictest confidence.

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